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Ready to get your ticket off the live launching rollercoaster?

Live launching got you this far, but as a stand-alone strategy, it isn’t sustainable financially or energetically…

You started your online business to break free of the handcuffs of a capped salary, 70-hour weeks (but paid for 40), a measly 4 weeks off a year, and a stressed-out boss…

But no one told you what building an online business is really like, did they?

  • Posting on Instagram every day because you have to keep your audience engaged (and the algorithm happy!)
  • Live launching on the gram to fill your programs, selling in the DMs and never knowing where your next sign-up is coming from
  • Relying on the live launching model for all your revenue when it’s actually a ticket on an endless feast or famine rollercoaster

Did you really plan on trading your well-paid career to end up being underpaid and overworked in the business that’s supposed to bring you time and financial freedom? I think NOT!

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How would it feel to take time away from your business knowing it won’t stop without you?

With the right strategy of systems and automation around selling your offers, your business can be wildly AND sustainably profitable making consistent sales, whether you decide to show up on Instagram to live launch or not.

If you want to

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Here’s how I can help


Attract a constant flow of new leads ready to buy your offers and programs


Have a pipeline of sales adding revenue to your bottom line every month


Get a new funnel or Facebook ads project created and launched STAT!

I’m a self-confessed personal growth nerd, 80’s music fanatic, vintage perfume collector, funnels and ads strategist.

I’m an ex-corporate ladder climber who jumped off the rungs to get back my time, raise my family and find the freedom and flexibility that I deeply craved in my life.

Today, I help course creators and coaches harness the power of automation to protect your time and energy so you can scale your online business doing what you love.

I’m a Certified Elite Ad Manager and Funnel Pro specialising in lead generation with Facebook ads and full funnel strategies that allow you to make consistent sales that feel simple and seriously stress-free.

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The Ads READY! Checklist

14 essential back end Business Manager settings to turn your ad account into a 24/7 sales machine in a day whether you’re starting out or already running ads.

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