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Facebook Ads In A Day

You want your pipeline pulsing with new sign-ups, BUT…

While you’re committed to organic marketing…it’s also slow…and sometimes…it just sucks…

Facebook Ads can take the pressure off being on the hamster wheel of content creation and showing up every day on Instagram with the reels that took you 3 hours to make. Who REALLY has time for this?!!

You CAN take guilt-free time away from your business while your content is seen and attracts more of the RIGHT people to your business.

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Want to get set up
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running ads FAST?

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VIP Ads Express

Ads Express is your VIP high-speed ticket
to get Facebook Ads prepped
and launched in a day!
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Get Set Up FAST!

Need help setting up all the back-end tech magic to get your account Ads READY! in one day?

You want to reach more people and make more sales, but you need to get started and feel confident your ads can get the job done before you spend a cent on ads.

In 4 hours the Ads READY! VIP Express is me jumping in to take the tech overwhelm off your hands and set up your Business Manager, Ad Account, Domain Verification, Pixel installation, Custom Audiences and all the ‘back end’ business account settings to turn your ad account into a magnetic 24/7 sales machine from Day 1!

45-minute Prep Call
4 hour Ads READY! VIP Ads Intensive

Active Funnel Visibility Velocity


Visibility on Autopilot

The Visibility Velocity Ads Express sets you up with a 60 Day content plan that helps you build and nurture an engaged audience on auto leveraging your organic messaging. 

Imagine having your best reels and the amazing organic content you’ve created attracting an engaged audience even when you decide not to post.  Visibility Velocity is a power up of your organic marketing and accelerates results when combined with lead-generation campaigns.

This is the perfect strategy for list building, pre-launch warm-up, brand awareness and post-launch retargeting.

5 hour Visibility Velocity VIP Ads Express

Active Funnel Pro Pulse Check


Facebook Ads Audit

Past ad campaigns flopped and you can’t figure out why? You want a fresh set of eyes to tell you what went wrong and direction on what to do so your campaigns deliver.

If you’ve been running ads but have been disappointed with your ad performance, the Pulse Check Ads Express is an in depth audit of your most recent ad campaigns.

I dive into your campaigns and analyse the data to uncover why your ads underperformed. You’ll walk away with a recommended strategy to implement for better results.

It’s just what you need to get clarity and a fresh update on your strategy to relaunch and get you right back on track.

45-minute Prep Call
2 hour Pulse Check VIP Ads Audit Review


What Happens Next:

You're booked in!

7-10 days in advance of your VIP Day, in a 45-minute Prep Call we’ll map out your current ad’s assets, what’s required and the deliverables for your VIP Ads Express session.

On the Day

We’ll execute.

I’ll build your ads campaigns, audience targeting, custom audiences, pixel events and optimise your ads for the right objective ensuring your ads are compliant with Facebook policies.

By the end of the day, your ads will be up and running!

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Norleena Horton Active Funnel Pro

Meet Your Ads Concierge

Hey there! I’m Norleena

Running an online business and creating all the assets to generate revenue takes time on.top.of showing up in all the places. You want to grow faster than organic, and you want the strategy implemented and automated without fuss or delay by figuring Facebook ads and *crossing your fingers it works*.

This Facebook ads VIP experience is perfect for eliminating overwhelm and leveraging my 5+ years behind the scenes of online businesses running ads, building and filling funnels with highly qualified leads that create momentum and consistent revenue.

Ready to have your personalised mapped-out ads strategy implemented for you – in a day.

Choose Your “Facebook Ads
Ads Express VIP Day”

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Visibility Velocity


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Pulse Check


Need A’s to Your Q’s?


This is a virtual session via Zoom. If we’re in different timezones, we’ll find a time that is convenient for us to work together uninterrupted.

Yes! You can bring along one of your team.

Absolutely. There is nothing better than having the peace of mind that your ad account is set up correctly, compliant and ready to go when you want to start running ads.

Since there are a limited number of VIP Days available in my calendar, there are no refunds for cancellations within 7 days of your scheduled Ads Express Prep Call. If you need to reschedule, you may reschedule within 90 Days.

Ads Express is an intensive VIP session, and we get a lot done on the actual day. I like to make sure the day goes smoothly, and we have wiggle room to be flexible or spend more time on things if needed. I recommend allowing 3-5 days for pre-work to be completed before your VIP Day. You can expect your ads to be running by the end of your VIP Day provided you have all the assets I’ve requested.

Spots are limited and book quickly.
Head over to secure your session for the next available time.

Make the next VIP Ads Express all yours!
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